Hello, April

Hello readers. Sorry it's been some time. I've been distracted by a shiny new website and wild ideas of launching a magazine whilst digital and print continue to die on their arses despite armies of people and flabby budgets and clever, whizzy marketing people. All of that cloud gazing has resulted in a stopping of immersing myself in this perfectly adequate blog and meanwhile, neglecting it. I've realised the thing is to just do rather than pontificate and ponder so I'm back in the saddle and it feels good.

Who knows what this approach might bring in the future? Come with me on the journey.

This few month long 'fugue state' did make me question how prevalent the feeling of 'not being good enough' is in the world today. The quick discarding of when something has lost its sheen and you're back yearning for the next hit - this modern malaise mentality is exhausting. FOMO is no longer just missing out on the latest opening/party/gathering, it's now pervading into everyday lives as we constantly strive to upgrade our life status and 'achievements.' With this mindset we are always going to feel like our current life status is inadequate or we're just functioning on the periphery of what we're capable of. But actually hang on, is it just fine and are we actually doing ok? It depends on the state of mind. If you accept that you are, surely you will be happier and be more open to progression when you are ready.

And besides, who are we doing all of this for exactly? Ourselves? Or for adulation and admiration from afar or from people that at the end of day, don't matter that much? It's made me think less about wanting the trophy and instead appreciating and looking after the meaningful instead. Sometimes lets trust in the bigger forces around us that work with and for us.

This week I'm channeling:


The Roman month Aprilis is derived from the word 'aperio' which means 'to open.' You can witness this everywhere right now - and every minute there are changes happening before our eyes. The bluebell flower (also known as the fairy flower and the wood bell) is in season. They are rife in ancient woodland and for a short period starting around about now will cover the forest floors with carpets of purple/blue. Out of the ground also, the first radishes and asparagus are starting and rocket, watercress and spring onions are also coming into season.


Can we talk about fringed lampshades?

Glaring light can be so unbecoming - much better to smoulder in hazy, smoky light surely? That strategic dim lit approach seems to work in changing rooms. Darkly lit changing room cubicles sell way more clothes than the ones that plonk unforgiving blue lights downwards revealing every crumple and crease in shocking detail. Fact.

Fringed lampshades catapulted their way into my consciousness as I was browsing the interiors floor at Liberty London and fell upon a stupendous House of Hackney one. But since that day some years ago and not having the heart to part with £400 for a lampshade (sorry, HoH, I wish!), I’ve struggled to find similarly embellished shades until now where there seems to be a lot more available that won’t mean you can’t eat for the rest of the month..

So shake and shimmy- it’s hooray for fringe!

Check out this little piece of mini mustard perfection from Madam Stoltz (and then fall down the Madam Stoltz rabbit hole of wonderment that is her site). And if fringing doesn’t stop at lampshades for you then consider a one of her woollen cushions with fringe detail - what’s not to love?

And then to these totally fringetastic shades that are created by a very, very talented person that ‘rather likes making lampshades.’ Move your mouse quickly to wildlampshadedesigns here . Literally the only problem you are going to have is which one to choose - I want them all but of course, this one especially because it’s green and it’s got fringe….

If you’re feeling really flush (or get lucky on a scratch card), consider this beautiful Pink Lemonade creation from A Place Called Wanda. At £645 it’s an investment piece but I am sure you’ll agree it’s a stunning shade and it just makes you want to tinker and tussle those slinky tassels all day long. And the shade is the perfect shade of Easter.

Funny social media

If you're bored of looking at pouting, dolly type people who wear too much make up or are pulling nigh on impossible dance moves/body shapes/yoga moves, use social media as a place of comedy. There are plenty of satirical sites on there and there are other accounts that take you on a brain journey you never thought possible inside your own head. This week's random laughs are thanks to Crap Taxidermy @craptaxidermy - the rabbit toaster, yom!

Til next week loyal readers xx